Hadrius covers your entire compliance program

We're the only solution available that packages your entire compliance program in one place - then puts it on autopilot while keeping you in full control.
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Recurring filings, reviews, and vendor diligence
We create a personalized compliance program specific to your firm to track filings, reviews, vendor diligence, and more: a full compliance roadmap.
Employee Compliance
Everything from trade monitoring, attestations, certifications, and disclosures. Political contributions, OBA requests, trade authorizations - modernized.
Electronic Communications Compliance
From email to IM to social media: We leverage AI to reduce false positives by over 90%, saving hundreds of hours across the company.
Marketing Compliance
Review your marketing materials for compliance in seconds with our AI vs. waiting days to weeks for a manual review. All documents are archived and searchable from there.

AI-powered automations, intuitive interface

We cover it all

Most of our clients consolidate all their compliance vendors with Hadrius - that means serious savings, simpler workflows, less time on tedious tasks, and comprehensive coverage of all your compliance needs.

Communications Review & Archiving

Archiving and AI-powered review for email, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and more. Our systems use the newest advancements in AI to monitor and flag electronic communications with a significantly lower false positive rate, saving you hours of your time.

Marketing Review & Archiving

Automated marketing review powered by our own ComplianceGPT. Upload dozens of document types and receive compliance recommendations in under a minute - saving you (and your marketing team) hours of back and forth.

Trade Monitoring

Set up employee brokerage accounts once, and take advantage of automated reporting, pre-clearance, and reviews as necessary. We assist with employee onboarding to make this process effortless.

Attestations and Disclosures

Political contributions, gifts, outside business activity, updates to your Code of Ethics, Compliance manual, and more. Employees have their own login to the intuitive Hadrius UI to make reporting and signing documents easy.

Task Management

Compliance Calendaring, Form Automations, Vendor Due Diligence, and more to chart your path through the changing regulatory environment - all setup and customized specifically to your firm.

White-glove support

24/7 access to our tech and compliance team for questions, updates, features and anything else you need in a dedicated Slack channel at no extra cost. Consider us as another member of your team.

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