AI-Powered SEC Compliance

Our next-gen platform automates several key compliance processes for your regulated firm. We help CCOs and regulatory compliance firms at RIAs and broker-dealers save 90%+ of their time on their most tedious tasks.
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The Smartest Compliance Program Around

Comprehensive and fast

We cover all required RIA compliance processes, automating tasks, flagging issues, and constantly improving while giving you a full summary at a glance so you're always in control.
"Compliance is paramount, but time-consuming and mistakes are expensive. Hadrius has enabled us to meet our obligations accurately and and with a fraction of the time."

Your RIA compliance program, automated.

Put your compliance program on auto-pilot with you in the captain's seat. Hadrius runs your processes and gives you a fully summary of tasks completed along with any flagged issues.

Electronic Communications

Archiving and review for email, SMS, Bloomberg, Slack, Teams, and more. Our systems use the newest advancements in AI to monitor and flag emails with a much lower false positive rate, saving you 90% of your time.

Marketing Review

Use our fine-tuned ComplianceGPT model, a state of the art successor to ChatGPT trained specifically on compliance manuals and SEC rules + regulation. Review marketing materials and create disclosures in a fraction of the time.

Automated Reviews

Use our AI to automated several key periodic reviews required by the SEC - suitability, disclosures, ADV, Reg BI, and other reviews on your compliance calendar. We'll work with you to create a custom solution based on your own calendar.

Trade Monitoring

Set up employee brokerage accounts once, and let us give you automated reporting, pre-clearance, and reviews as necessary.


Audit Prep, Compliance Calendaring, Reporting, Risk Assessments to chart your path through the changing regulatory environment.

And More

Vendor Due Diligence, Billing Reviews, Books and Records, Cybersecurity all run in real-time.
Using the latest in AI

Compliance models using artificial intelligence

Our software is blazingly fast, but also incredibly accurate, moving compliance at the speed of your company while giving you peace of mind.
Full dashboard and reporting to show all completed tasks, flagged items, and those in need of review.
24/7 support team to keep your systems running smoothly, including compliance experts.
Add new compliance tasks to workflows anytime, or reach out and we'll implement them for you.

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