Effortless, comprehensive, modern compliance

That is our mission. In an industry that hasn't seen innovation in decades, Hadrius stands alone as the most tech-forward solution available.  

Our Story

We're a team of asset managers and software engineers who, after running our own robo-advisor with thousands of clients, realized how inefficient the legacy software dominating the industry is. We built Hadrius for the modern RIA and broker-dealer.

Now we're automating compliance for the most forward-thinking and elite RIAs. Robo-advisors, funding portals, broker-dealers, tech-enabled RIAs, and more: Hadrius is making compliance effortless so you can focus on changing the world.

Meet the team

From hedge funds and big tech, now backed by some of the best investors in the world.

Thomas Stewart
Cofounder & CEO
Som Mohapatra
Cofounder & CCO
Allen Calderwood
Cofounder & CTO
Joon Choi
Founding Sales Lead

Top firms choose QuantComply

Meet our team

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