Arrived: 10x reduction in time spent on marketing review each week with Hadrius

February 20, 2024
Thomas Stewart, Founder & CEO
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“We were spending 8-12 hrs on marketing review each week and Hadrius has cut that to under an hour” - John Rostom, General Counsel, VP of Legal at Arrived

Marketing is one of the most important tools you have to ensure your firm stands out in the minds of potential clients. However, recent SEC rule changes have dramatically increased the compliance requirements and level of scrutiny placed on marketing. Getting the balance right will be crucial for the growth of your firm but is rife with challenges.

In this article, we break down how Arrived, an alternative investment platform that allows individuals to invest in real estate with as little as $100, approached this problem and how Hadrius has been an instrumental part of the solution.

What is Arrived and what brought them to Hadrius?

Arrived is a rapidly growing fintech startup that allows anybody to invest in rental properties with as little as $100. They have raised $35m+ to date in VC funding, have over $120m invested on the platform, and are expanding rapidly with nearly 500,000 registered investors.

Marketing is key to their growth strategy, especially content like blog posts, an email newsletter, and social media posts that can boost their SEO presence and can be shared by users, and they have placed a significant focus on this channel to acquire new clients. As an investing platform, Arrived recognizes that ensuring their marketing stays compliant is key to avoiding regulatory issues and protecting their investors, a responsibility that is critical to their business and one they take seriously.

When Arrived first came to Hadrius, their top priority was to ensure their marketing met regulatory obligations, but they were already spending 8-12 hours each week reviewing this content with their legal team. They needed a solution that allowed them to maintain a strong marketing strategy with high output, without being incredibly time-consuming.

How does Arrived use Hadrius for their marketing compliance?

When the team at Arrived was looking for a compliance solution, they wanted a platform that was simple to use, scalable, and could dramatically reduce the time they spent on their current compliance processes. The Hadrius team worked closely with Arrived to understand their compliance workflow, quickly onboarding both their compliance team and marketing team.

The marketing review process at Arrived has been transformed in the last few months. After a short onboarding call, the entire team was set up and given a walkthrough of the platform. Hadrius created a Slack channel with the Arrived team, where they’d have 24/7 access to the Hadrius compliance and product teams to ensure a smooth transition, and remain available for ongoing questions, support, and updates to meet their evolving needs.

“It’s cut my time spent on marketing review by a factor of 10” - John Rostom, General Counsel, VP of Legal at Arrived

Hadrius itself is intuitive and easy to use: the Arrived team was able to start reviewing marketing immediately with no slow-down in their workflow. Based on what was best for their workflow, Hadrius set up their compliance team as admins, and their marketing team as users. The marketing team could upload marketing materials like articles and social media posts to Hadrius, where our AI-powered marketing review scanned the marketing and gave a line-by-line review, highlighting compliance issues and providing recommendations to adjust the marketing to make it more compliant. Once the marketing was compliant, the marketing team submitted it to the admin queue where the compliance team would conduct a final review.

The Hadrius marketing review AI is fully customizable to Arrived’s needs, starting first with default SEC and FINRA rules, but taking into account feedback submitted through the platform. The Hadrius team works closely with the Arrived team to ensure their compliance rules and criteria are taken into account by the marketing review AI.

What impact has this partnership had on Arrived?

The Arrived team love Hadrius – in fact, the platform is internally nicknamed “the compliance-inator”, and is the central hub for all marketing projects, both for review and recordkeeping requirements. What was previously 8-12 hours per week has been reduced to less than an hour, while allowing the team to increase their level of marketing output. Not only have the marketing and compliance teams individually regained so much time and increased efficiency, but the time spent iterating marketing back and forth between the teams has been dramatically reduced.

“Other than the Arrived website I use Hadrius more than any other tool, it sits right next to Arrived in my bookmarks.” - John Rostom, General Counsel, VP of Legal at Arrived

As they continue to scale, Hadrius is providing an all-in-one platform that will continue to cover their SEC compliance needs at any size. Beyond marketing review, Arrived is able to run their electronic communications review, employee compliance, and more with Hadrius.

Ready to take your firm’s compliance up a notch?

Dozens of firms like Arrived have dramatically increased their marketing compliance efficiencies and time savings using Hadrius. Hadrius provides the only all-in-one SEC compliance solution, and scales with your firm with AI-powered automations and 24/7 access to our compliance and product team. Request a demo here, or reach out to if you have any questions!

Thomas Stewart

Founder & CEO, Hadrius

Thomas Stewart is the founder and CEO of Hadrius, the most modern SEC and FINRA compliance software around. Thomas previously founded the SEC-registered RIA Quantbase where he learned first hand how to build an efficient compliance program that scales with high-growth firms.

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