ACA: Competitors, Pricing, and Reviews

Everything you need to know about ACA: Competitors, Pricing, and Reviews
March 5, 2024
Thomas Stewart, Founder & CEO
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Getting a handle on compliance isn't easy for businesses trying to keep up with all the rules and regulations. That's where ACA Global (also known as ACA Group) comes in. It's a go-to for companies needing help to stay in line with compliance standards. ACA Global offers a wide range of services, making it a standout in the compliance world and helping redefine how businesses tackle compliance challenges.

But picking the right compliance partner means looking at the whole picture. You've got to compare what's out there, check out pricing, and read up on what other clients have to say. We're here to help with that. This piece dives deep into ACA Group's competitors, pricing, and reviews, giving you a side-by-side look at what ACA Global and its competitors bring to the table, from services and costs to customer experiences. Our goal? To give you all the info you need to choose the compliance partner that's right for your business.

ACA Global Pricing

When it comes to selecting a compliance partner, understanding the pricing models and how they align with your company's budget and compliance needs is crucial. ACA Global covers a few different aspects of your compliance program, including filing your RIA registration, ongoing compliance consulting, and their compliance software ACA Alpha.

ACA Global’s Pricing Model:

ACA Global typically structures its pricing based on the scope of services required, the size of the client firm, and the complexity of the compliance needs. This approach ensures that clients receive a customized service package tailored to their specific requirements. Key components of ACA's pricing model include:

Initial RIA Filing:

  • $12,000 to 40,000 one-time fee depending on size of the firm

Ongoing Consulting:

  • $630/hr for a senior consultant, $11-15k annual retainer minimum

Compliance software (ACA Alpha):

  • $600/mo per head

ACA Global’s Competitors

In the world of compliance services, ACA Global shines with its extensive offerings and deep expertise. But, to get the full picture, let's see how it measures up against its main rivals: Hadrius, ComplySci, and MyComplianceOffice. Each competitor brings something special to the table.


  • Pro: Stands out with its AI-driven approach to automate SEC compliance, offering efficient and innovative solutions for firms of all sizes and doing it all in one platform at an affordable price.
  • Con: Its focused first and foremost on RIAs, ERAs, broker-dealers, and SEC/FINRA regulation generally. If you're not regulated by these bodies, you wouldn't be a good fit for Hadrius.


  • Pro: Known for its top-notch employee monitoring and insider trading detection, making it ideal for firms prioritizing strict surveillance.
  • Con: Its niche in monitoring may leave firms wanting more varied services feeling better served by ACA Global's broader range of solutions.


  • Pro: Excels in managing conflicts of interest, great for firms needing to navigate complex employee relations.
  • Con: While great at conflict management, it might lack the broader compliance services spectrum that ACA Global covers.

RIA In A Box

  • Pro: Made for small firms and aims to do it all in one place. Consequently, it's fairly comprehensive.
  • Con: Can be fairly expensive for it's offering and doesn't scale well as your firm grows or if your firm is already large.

Choosing between ACA Global and its competitors boils down to what specific compliance needs and preferences your firm has, weighing the pros and cons of technological innovation, service specialization, and comprehensive support.

ACA Global Reviews

We condensed customer reviews from platforms like G2, Capterra, TrustPilot, and more into the overview below.

What Clients Love:

  • Wide Range of Services: The variety and comprehensiveness of ACA's services mean firms can get most, if not all, of their compliance needs met under one roof.

Areas to Improve:

  • Pricing Clarity: Some feedback suggests that clients would appreciate more upfront information about costs and were surprised with fees or the size of bills.
  • Lack of customer support: Reviews cite long wait times, being juggled around different points of contact, delays when requesting critical information, and expensive off-boarding.
  • Outdated interface: The user interface can be unintuitive and unwieldy, with some suggesting the product appearance hasn't been updated in years.

In summary, ACA Global's reputation is comprehensive, with great coverage. However, clearer pricing and a smoother customer experience are areas where potential clients hope to see improvements.

Overall Market Reputation:

ACA Compliance Group has built a solid name for itself in the compliance game, backed by heaps of praise for its smarts, wide-ranging services, and focus on putting clients first. Sure, there's room to get better — like making pricing clearer and smoothing out tech setups — but these are chances for ACA to polish up even more. If you're thinking about teaming up with ACA Global, consider how their strengths and areas to grow match up with what you're looking for in a compliance solution.

Reviews point out that ACA Group is a top pick for businesses keen on deep knowledge, a variety of services, and a tailor-made touch. Like with any partnership, kicking things off with a clear chat about costs and tech needs is a smart move. This way, you're laying down a strong foundation for a successful team-up.


Q: What services does ACA Global offer?

ACA Global provides a comprehensive suite of compliance services, including regulatory filings, compliance audits, risk assessments, employee training, and technology solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Q: What are ACA Group's prices?

A: Initial RIA registration costs $12,000 to 40,000 one-time fee depending on size of the firm, ongoing consulting costs $630/hr for a senior consultant, $11-15k annual retainer minimum, and their compliance software ACA Alpha costs around $600/mo per head.

Q: What sets ACA Global apart from its competitors?

A: ACA Global stands out for its deep regulatory expertise, comprehensive service offerings, and client-centric approach, focusing on customized solutions and responsive customer support to meet the evolving needs of its clients.

Q: How does ACA Global approach pricing for its services?

A: Pricing is customized based on the specific services a client needs, the complexity of their compliance requirements, and the size of their operations. ACA Global works closely with clients to develop tailored pricing plans that align with their budget and compliance objectives.

Q: How can I get started with ACA Global?

A: To initiate services with ACA Global, you can contact them directly through their website or via phone. An ACA representative will then guide you through the process, starting with an assessment of your compliance needs to tailor a service plan that suits your firm.

Q: Does ACA Global offer technology solutions?

A: Yes, ACA Global provides a technology solution called ACA Alpha, including compliance management software and tools designed to streamline compliance processes, enhance data security, and improve operational efficiency.

Thomas Stewart

Founder & CEO, Hadrius

Thomas Stewart is the founder and CEO of Hadrius, the most modern SEC and FINRA compliance software around. Thomas previously founded the SEC-registered RIA Quantbase where he learned first hand how to build an efficient compliance program that scales with high-growth firms.

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