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Our next-gen platform automates the entire process of rolling over client assets, so that you can start generating fees 90% faster.
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Clients may have their assets locked up at a number of different plans all with their own idiosyncratic procedures. Our system handles the physical transfer and transfer confirmation, as well as end-to-end rollover compliance, so you can focus on building relationships.
"The Rollover Rule gave us an added headache, on top of the process that delivery of funds usually takes. QuantComply has enabled us to meet our obligations accurately and in a fraction of the time."
Som Mohapatra
CCO, Quantbase

We cover it all

Most of our clients consolidate all their compliance vendors with Hadrius - that means serious savings, simpler workflows, less time on tedious tasks, and comprehensive coverage of all your compliance needs.

Communications Review & Archiving

Archiving and AI-powered review for email, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and more. Our systems use the newest advancements in AI to monitor and flag electronic communications with a significantly lower false positive rate, saving you hours of your time.

Marketing Review & Archiving

Automated marketing review powered by our own ComplianceGPT. Upload dozens of document types and receive compliance recommendations in under a minute - saving you (and your marketing team) hours of back and forth.

Trade Monitoring

Set up employee brokerage accounts once, and take advantage of automated reporting, pre-clearance, and reviews as necessary. We assist with employee onboarding to make this process effortless.

Attestations and Disclosures

Political contributions, gifts, outside business activity, updates to your Code of Ethics, Compliance manual, and more. Employees have their own login to the intuitive Hadrius UI to make reporting and signing documents easy.

Task Management

Compliance Calendaring, Form Automations, Vendor Due Diligence, and more to chart your path through the changing regulatory environment - all setup and customized specifically to your firm.

White-glove support

24/7 access to our tech and compliance team for questions, updates, features and anything else you need in a dedicated Slack channel at no extra cost. Consider us as another member of your team.
Using the latest in AI

Up to date with compliance

The new DOL Rollover Rule makes a difficult process harder. QuantComply handles all enhanced substantiation, client acceptance, and documentation required for the rollover of plans from one institution to another
White glove experience - each transfer is checked and double-checked before sending a confirmation
Once your client provides a statement, we analyze it and assimilate, completing and confirming the transfer so you can start generating fees
New tasks or custom workflows required for your clients or your firm? Reach out, and we'll implement them for you

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